The Aquarium

Seals at the aquarium part 1As you open the door to the first part of the aquarium you are hit with a wall of sound. You are instantly drawn to a massive tank that has a rock waterfall in the centre. You hear the sound of water tricking, dropping into the pool and gurgling out of pumps. You enter the next section of the aquarium through a heavy door that squeaks and slams behind you. Outside you can visit the seals. Listen as they splash and play in the water, while airplanes and birds fly overhead. There is a rather sad looking “touch and feel” pool, which seems to be out of order since there is nothing to touch or feel. It’s pump is still going, although sounds as if its coughing up mainly air instead of fresh water. Outside again you can hear a man shouting in the distance. Here there are three penguins relaxing by the side of a pool. They don’t make any sounds until one seems to be disturbed by a loud airplane. Back inside, rather surprisingly there is a area for a mob of meerkats to live. Listen to them squeak, rustle around and dig profusely.  Near the end of this stop you can hear a family having a conversation about a crab being upside down.